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August 14, 2020


 Are you thinking of buying a new motorcycle? Even if you're not, we think you'll enjoy our top 5 quirky and completely legitimate reasons 

why dreamin' of a new motorcycle isn't a bad idea for living.

1. You can go farther on a new motorcycle

2. You will be happy if you buy a new motorcycle (and your spouse will not be unhappy)

3. You can show off to your friends on a new motorcycle

2020 Road Glide Special in Billiard Blue/Stone Washed White

4. You help the economy and a small business when you buy a new motorcycle

2020 Road Glide® in Stiletto Red

5. Buying a new motorcycle isn't necessarily out of reach. Call Sales to find out more. 



2020 Heritage® Classic 107 in Vivid Black

"Let Freedom Roam!" Featuring the Harley-Davidson Demo Truck

JULY 8, 2020

We thank all of the wonderful volunteers from the Lancaster H.O.G. Chapter and A.B.A.T.E. of PA - Lancaster County Chapter #65, the incredible staff from Lancaster Harley-Davidson, Mark Davis for coordinating the 2020 H-D®  demo rides and driving accross the country to bring them to us! 

We enjoyed treats from Penn Valley Shows food trucks and cooled down with an after-ride cold beer from Wacker Brewing Company. There were plenty of seasonal items and great steals to choose from the Motorclothes department, and most of all, we rode brand new, 2020 Harley-Davidson motorcycles two days in a row over the 4th of July weekend! 

"Hats off to you Lancaster Harley-Davidson for a great event, well done." 

-Craig R.


June 18, 2020

So the big question is, "why did Lancaster Harley-Davidson pick up selling scooters?" Our response back is, why not!
As riders, we're enthusiasts of anything with two wheels and a motor, scooters are no exception!
When we experienced how cool these things are, the fact that they can be ridden almost anywhere without a license, and how fast they go--we thought, "whoa! Those are fire!"
Basically what that means is, we had to test ride them!
My, were we surprised!
The Fastest REV Scoot we have in our inventory can reach a top speed of 45 miles per hour! That's the 10X, and it's also our favorite, mostly because it's fast.
There's other reasons too. The 10X feels like it's riding on butter, but it's actually just the road cushioned by stellar suspension.
The speed on the 10X is high, yes, but it's mostly the muscle behind the speed that allows this stunner to climb hills like a pro (because trust us, there's nothing like getting stuck on a big hill on a scooter...the 10X makes sure you're not crawling for longer than necessary).
It's so powerful because of the dual 1000 watt motors, pulsing a peak output of power of 3200 watts.
Like we said, this scoot won't leave you crawling--the 10X soars!
Don't get us wrong though, the little ones have their benefits as well.
The ZERO 8 and 9 Scooters are super lightweight, which means they can be carried around easily from a car, to a train station, to the park or the office. They're compact and only weigh 40lbs.
According to the Electric Scooter Guide, the Zero 9 has consistently been rated one of the best scooters on the market for under $1200 over the years.
( .
So, when we read the reviews on the #REV Zero Scooters, we didn't just take their word for it, we test drove them!
We're located on 308 Beaver Valley Pike, just 4.5 miles outside Lancaster (a 15 minute drive from town on a scooter, that's equivalent time to a full car!)
We encourage anyone interested in these amazing rides to take a test ride. It's totally worth it! Visit us or give us a call for info! 717.464.2703
REV Scooters by Lancaster HD
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June 10, 2020

IRONe™ Limited Edition


This quick change limium battery-powered electic Balance Bike by Harley-Davidson® is available now in the same special edition paint scheme as the Harley-Davidson® Livewire™ and Harley-Davidson Road Glide® Special with a custom Eagleeye™ design. 

Not to mention, how cool is it to match your kid? One Harley® for your child, one for you. The Harley-Davidson Road Glide® Special is available in the showroom. 

Call us for details or order now through Click and Collect.



May 15, 2020

When considering a motorcycle purchase—or any significant purchase adding insurmountable value to your life, there includes a number of factors that will help determine the best option for you.  

If you're anything like us, you'll digest dozens of articles, content blogs, and every motorcycle detail that you can, especially if you're the person that's always searching  for the best value for your buck. Often, the question arises, is the best value really in a pre-owned motorcycle vs. a new one? We’ve taken the time to describe six items for consideration when weighing between purchasing a new vs. pre-owned Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. These steps will help you with your decision. 

  1. Budget

As with all financial matters, a budget is the first thing to determine before weighing the options between purchasing a new or used motorcycle. With a budget, assessing value and determining the best fit will be a lot easier.


Harley-Davidson® is noted as the most customizable motorcycle. There’s no need to worry about blending in with the crowd, as customization opportunities are limitless. To customize a Harley, new or used, in any way you like. With budgetary matters in play, it’s really up to the individual to decide how much they are willing to spend on customization.

Most technicians however, will argue that it is more practical to customize a used Harley® (1) than a new one. A few reasons for this would include the greater market for parts and the readiness of information about the bikes and their mechanical behavior. A new motorcycle may have less information available for technicians to understand and study the behavior of these newer models. 

Most buyers who lean toward purchasing a new motorcycle desire the new because of the ready-to-go features and aren’t interested in customizing with alternative parts or accessories. 


Many buyers prefer purchasing a new motorcycle because of the clean slate they offer in functionality and reliability. Both new and experienced riders may prefer not to have a lot of complications right at the bat. A new motorcycle offers ease of mind in this area.

A pre-owned motorcycle may have been well groomed and cared for, even after thousands of miles from dedicated riders. However, there is always some risk. Scrapes and scuffs can be indicators of damaging crashes that may affect the performance and overall condition of the bike. However, a little more conversation with a trusted dealer can really help clarify any questionable concerns, especially since so much of motorcycle dealing is built on connections and relationship. 

With a little conversation, you can find a pre-owned motorcycle that’s had a incredible history with unique customized features from previous owners. 


One the most assuring benefits of purchasing a new motorcycle includes the warranty. “Harley-Davidson® warrants for any new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle sold that an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer will repair or replace without charge any parts found under normal use to be defective in factory materials or workmanship. Such repair and replacement will be the sole obligation of Harley-Davidson® and the sole remedy for the owner under this limited warranty (2).”

In contrast, extended warranty service plans are available on pre-owned purchases, but often they can quickly add up in price.The best solution to determining warranties on any vehicle is to talk to a Sales consultant.


Financing a new motorcycle may in some instances, could turn out to be more favorable than financing a pre-owned motorcycle, especially since there are more benefits for the Motor Company on new purchases. That is, pre-owned motorcycles don’t necessarily profit the Motor Company, and new motorcycles do, which would increase the incentive for better financing on the new. 

In any case, financing is based on a scale of attainability and is an area you’ll want to consult a Sales professional to learn what financing options are available to you. 

6.Technology and Safety

It’s not unknown that new motorcycles offer the latest safety technology on the market. Reflex™ Defensive Rider System is an all new package for 2020 Harley-Davidson® LiveWire™, CVO™, Police, Trike models (trike-specific RDRS), and optional for all Touring models (with the exception of the Electra Glide® Standard). This package includes both familiar systems and new ones. The new features of the 2020 RDRS package includes features like Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Breaking (C-ELB), Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS), Drag-Torque Slip Control (DSCS), among others (3). A new unit called the Intertia Measurement Unit (IMU) measures the lateral movement of the motorcycle, influencing all angles of motion to enhance the breaking systems, forging the 2020 models as truly the best in line (4).

There are plenty of reasons to stay up to date on tech, of course. New infotainment systems are speedier, allow device connectivity, offer full touch screen capability and voice command, and have interactive mapping systems for convenient route planning. Older models may prove to be more of an inconvenience even with a nicer price tag in this area.

If geeking out on the latest tech is important to you, you may want to consider purchasing a new motorcycle. 

To conclude, the truly best way to decide between purchasing a new motorcyle versus pre-owned motorcycle if you're on the fence, is to ask lots of questions. And, at the final bit of it, you love what you love. The purchasing options are limitless, and, there’s truly something for everyone. 

As always, there’s no better time to ride than today.


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updates from mda! turn in your packets now!

may 8, 2020

Ride for Life Riders,
Thank you for your patience as we have all   worked to pivot due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19!  We are so   grateful to have you raising funds to support the families served by MDA, now   during the crisis and every day.   Now more than ever, MDA is asking for help   from the Ride for Life Community.  At a time of year when we normally see a surge in funding   through incredible events like Ride for Life, we are seeing event   cancellations instead, which has put MDA, and MDA families in a vulnerable   position.   We estimate that right now at least 60% of our 2020   revenue is at risk. You can turn in your fundraising dollars now, and   continue to be eligible for incentives, until August 15th.
MDA   Needs your fundraising dollars NOW! 
Please don’t wait to turn in your fundraising   packets.  MDA needs to put your dollars at work to fund research   projects, telemedicine care centers, and new, virtual ways to engage our   families, like virtual summer camp – starting next week.
Here’s   how you can help 
1.   Fundraise Online! Updating all of your fundraising efforts on your Individual   Ride for Life Page is the fastest, easiest way to fundraise. Ride   for Life Online Donations
2. Safely drop off any funds raised that cannot be converted   to online payments at your respective dealership. Reach out directly to   your dealership with directions on how to drop off money.
 Incentive   Update 
·The plan (contingent upon local social distancing guidelines)   is for fundraisers to pick up incentives earned (pins, flags, hats, t-shirts)   on Labor Day Weekend. Specific details to follow per dealership.  
- Participants will be able to continue to   fundraise through August 15th to be eligible for incentive   prizes including the drawing for the HD Live Wire & those listed above.
-On Labor Day Weekend EHDDA + MDA will be   hosting a telethon-style Celebration for all RFL Participants (and in   conjunction with other MDA Labor Day Weekend Activities) with a live-stream   of choosing the motorcycle winner, family/mission highlights, and to   recognize top fundraisers in lieu of our usual RFL celebrations
-Riders from all over the country will be   invited to join Ride For Life, no matter where they live! This is our chance   to show the country what 33 years of community, support, and ridership looks   like
-Earn a once in a lifetime (hopefully!)   limited-edition Ride for Life Pandemic t-shirt for $125 raised for MDA!    The shirt was designed exclusively for Ride for Life and MDA by Danial   James of Danial James and Scott Jacobs Studios.  You can’t buy it   anywhere.  You can only ‘earn’ it by raising money for MDA through Ride   for Life.


april 10, 2020

We asked our new friend, Farah, how she got into riding motorcycles and little bit about her riding story. Farah purchased her first motorcycle from us, a 2019 Iron XL883™. Originally from the Netherlands, Farah moved here to be an Au Pair, a child care provider through an international cultural exchange program here in the United States.


Name: Farah

Just turned 25 on the 9th of May

From Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

In the States since February 17, 2020


"I believe it all started when I was dating my first boyfriend when I was 15-16 years old. That time in the Netherlands you could legally smoke from the age of 16 and we would smoke inside his garage where his dad had this huge and heavy Harley-Davidson® stored. I can’t remember what model it was...but whenever I went for a smoke, I just sat there staring at that thing, fantasizing how cool it would be me driving that bike on the open road. 

A few years later my dad, Foppe, now 64 and still riding, came home one day with a bike. I didn’t even know he had a motorcycle license, so that was a nice surprise. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to hop on the back.

“We shopped for new helmets together and went out for a ride a couple of times. I thought it was the coolest. Thing. Ever.

From that point the idea [of owning one] grew stronger and stronger.”


"So two years ago when I was thinking about 'what to do next in my life?'

I found an opportunity to work as an Au Pair in the United States...

I thought 'this is it!' it all just clicked. And I already saved some money which was enough for a license. 

I mean...going to the States for a nice job, buying a bike and drive cross-country, ride Route 66? That is the ultimate dream! And now I am finally starting to live it. At first, I was scared to tell my Dad that I wanted to start taking lessons and that I wanted to drive through America...but he supported me right from the start without any doubt! He is the coolest and best parent ever. 

It’s only been almost a year since I got my license. But every time the weather was great and I had some spare time left, I would go for a ride. I already got thousands of miles on my watch."

My host Dad from Au Pair and I went shopping motorcycles together, he actually pointed out this bike to me and I fell in love with it. He supported me a lot in finding a bike and to figure out how to get it, which is super amazing. Now there is an Iron  883™ standing in the garage, my host dad wants to buy a motorcycle for himself too! He’s the best and I am really, really happy I can be part of his family. And, I consider them my family, now, too."


"For me it feels like total freedom. 

Every time I get on the bike I just feel so much joy and excitement. Just seeing my bike sitting in the garage puts a smile on my face! The control, the speed, the’s my happy place. It’s the only way to clear my mind, for real."


"I remember first time riding solo after getting my license I was out for hours! I think I was gone for about 4 hours just riding through my province. When I got back, my cheeks were hurting from smiling the whole time.

Back home the furthest I’ve driven is from Leeuwarden to Rotterdam (around 2h drive) for a birthday party and I was following my friend who was driving by car and she was the one that had the navigation running. While we were heading over there I read some exit signs and was pretty sure we needed to take that one. Next thing I know she called me (I have a Sena communication system) and told me she missed the exit - while missing the second exit we needed to take! I thought that was really funny.

In the end: we missed a handful of exits, took some wrong turns and almost witnessed a car crash happening. So we arrived later than we initially wanted to at the party."


"I talk about it a-lot, haha. And I love taking people with me for a spin. Especially when they’ve never sat on a bike before! Some even scream from excitement.

The moment they take off their helmets and start talking how they experienced it... that always makes my day. 

Whenever I go out for a ride I’ll always post a video or picture on my Facebook and Instagram (@elevenseasons) for my friends and family to see. I get a lot of comments that people really like seeing my updates. Also because for us Duchies, America is a different planet, haha!"


"Oh, the first time my best friend Tanja ever sat on a bike was on the back of mine - and she loved it! Every chance to go out for a spin together we took it. 

One quite sunny day we took my bike to drop her off at her mom’s place, which is a 30 minute drive away. When we just entered the highway, out of nowhere, it started to rain. And not just rain... it was POURING. And, of course, she wasn’t really wearing any kind of rain resisting clothing. Even through the seams of my leather jacket it started to leak water. I imagined her being pretty drained, cold and probably really pissed. Or maybe even scared... Because it was her first time driving through any kind of rain on a bike and the road looked so, so slippery... I felt so bad for her and hoped she wasn’t panicking or anything.

When we finally arrived at her mom’s place and she was mounting off I was already starting to apologize, but she cut me off screaming 'THAT. WAS. AWESOOOOOOME!!!'”


"Freedom, dare to dream, and live a little."


interested in sharing your story with the community? 

march 17, 2020 

Riding stories aren't some kind of marketing gimmick. We do this because we feel connected and inspired by the stories of others. It's how the human race learns things; and maybe, just maybe, we should keep practicing it to keep culture and passion alive. Call the Marketing Department to introduce yourself. 717.464.2703. Not a phone person? That's okay, you can share through our written form, below.



February 16, 2020

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